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RealityHardcoreThreesomeCreampiePornstarBehind The ScenesExclusiveMusicMILFMasturbation60FPSWebcamPublicCollegeAdult galleryPussy LickingOrgyInterracialCumshotSquirtHD PornBabeBig AssToysBig DickLatinaFrenchBlowjobQuality pornTeenCompilationRed HeadUniformsBondageStep FantasyFetish
Lady sonia fetish video

Lady sonia fetish video

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when you're married, aren't you supposed to have 'mutual' friends and not exclusive friends per spouse? why are they just now hearing about them if it has been years?

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34 comment    

22.04.2018 5:11:47 JoJotilar:

That is open-mindedness. Moving from unreasonable beliefs to understanding and appreciation. Good job.


28.04.2018 2:07:41 Akinom:

Tut Tut TFCC....


02.05.2018 8:44:47 Mikajora:

Interesting how you don't capitalize "jews" or "negroes."


06.05.2018 2:10:14 Kazirg:

So true. Unless she is a vegetable there is no excuse for her to not take care of herself. Even Stephen Hawking with all his health issues made a living. She has no excuses.


08.05.2018 17:33:53 Fegrel:

You will have to argue with Lawrence Krauss, author of "A Universe From Nothing". (His 'nothing' is devoid of matter/energy.)


12.05.2018 23:21:07 Akigami:

Can you picture the wind, not its 'effects'?


23.05.2018 9:23:44 Vugul:

The 87 times they have found Noah's ark.


31.05.2018 9:47:37 Vilabar:

Genuine question: What is that like? How is it distinguishable from just thinking that you know the living God?


01.06.2018 14:29:14 Mikalabar:

Are all assertions of


04.06.2018 2:26:21 Tygokora:

Until congress does its job and starts increasing the fines for ANYONE knowingly hiring a person who isn't in the country legally and in possession of a valid green card, this is not going to change. If the citizens in this country give power in congress back to leftists who view these illegals as potential votes, this problem will get worse. I'm hopeful that there are enough voters with common sense who will go to the polls in November, but only mildly hopeful.


09.06.2018 13:29:26 Mujin:

It's the world we live in now ??


13.06.2018 22:48:26 JoJolrajas:

The spiritual I'm talking about is things pertaining to God


22.06.2018 4:20:08 Sharr:

I didn't say that they weren't imprisoned, tried and executed, I said when they were, it wasn't because they were Christians. Anyone who lived in Rome, if they broke the laws, could be imprisoned, tried and executed. The Romans didn't care what religion you were, so long as you paid your taxes and obeyed their laws. And you could have as many Christian slaves that you wanted, so long as you paid any taxes due on them.


28.06.2018 8:02:37 Fenrishakar:

so, god needs to drown babies to convince me life is a struggle? Know how I know life is a struggle? BY LIVING IT


08.07.2018 20:40:48 Bradal:

No I said man changes, not God. Quote me where I said god changes!


17.07.2018 14:00:51 Kajiktilar:

You make it sound like taking medicine.


21.07.2018 1:12:31 Mejas:

Good luck with that.


28.07.2018 17:54:50 Zulular:

I guess were both guilty eh?


07.08.2018 2:05:29 Dubei:

In the simplest terms, all it is telling us is that every so often a change comes along that is so beneficial that it permeates an entire gene pool.


09.08.2018 2:16:53 Mikagore:

?Until there is sufficient and credible evidence?... you ARE ?hilarious?... Because there is already!


10.08.2018 7:38:32 Shara:

Disproving their proof does not disprove the conclusion. It only shows that the conclusion does not necessarily follow from the premises.


11.08.2018 10:48:44 Arashizuru:

Lol, that's some dedicated lacing involved! The only thing is I don"t like platforms on me, it's too much added height. But nice, Hilrunner.


16.08.2018 23:46:47 Totaur:

The SCOTUS case is basically an appeal; it's the same issue, the same case, the same scenario.


19.08.2018 0:36:36 Kashura:

Awareness is not the same as consciousness. Animals and plants are conscious, as perhaps rock is, but they are not aware.


25.08.2018 2:42:08 Nikosida:

maybe doesn't want to jump in the fray any more than she already is. Who knows?


25.08.2018 22:52:41 Vugami:

Aeschylus: No one learns but half of the truth when he listens to only one side of the two.


03.09.2018 8:22:37 Taurr:

You don't think it works there? I was kind of think of "war" as a "lowered" moral state... but maybe not. Maybe it's a higher state? Many emperors and a few philosophers have thought so.


07.09.2018 23:31:55 Shakale:

It's her (screwed up) way of reminding you (or assuring herself) that even though she's been gone for 2-1/2 months, she's still needed.


18.09.2018 8:57:18 Mushakar:

Circumcision is an essential part of Judaism, and they've got the historic literature to prove it. Attacking circumcision is attacking Jewish families, and if you think attacking families and taking their kids away from them isn't an attack on a minority... you're deluded.


23.09.2018 21:15:32 Vilmaran:

That's your expectation, mine is more glorious.


04.10.2018 19:47:14 Domi:

So science knows very little about the universe and about life ultimately?


07.10.2018 0:08:16 Kazrat:

You have no point. Again. Most illegals are doing jobs that Americans can not and/or will not do. Yes they pay less. But the fact is, they have tested this out to see how many people could actually do the jobs that illegals do. Most could not at ANY PAY RATE. American's are fat and lazy. What makes you think that employers wouldn't rather hire Americans? They hire anyone who can do the work. These illegals in most instances are private contractors. They go to pick produce and get paid by the weight. Its that simple. They are not employees. Most people who hire them don't want the responsibility of being an employer. These illegals are on their own.


08.10.2018 15:16:28 Daikora:

Very true, I will never forget especially when there is a constant innocent reminder


16.10.2018 15:21:09 Vigul:

Cant recall a conversation with Chase, but I'll keep a watch. I appreciate people who can maintain a cool head in any discussion. Thank you for your thoughts, Heyo ???????

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