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RealityHardcoreThreesomeCreampiePornstarBehind The ScenesExclusiveMusicMILFMasturbation60FPSWebcamPublicCollegeAdult galleryPussy LickingOrgyInterracialCumshotSquirtHD PornBabeBig AssToysBig DickLatinaFrenchBlowjobQuality pornTeenCompilationRed HeadUniformsBondageStep FantasyFetish

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30.04.2018 10:54:17 Dat:

I must ask: How do you always get Lili to look so regal?


03.05.2018 4:43:58 Vudorg:

Incorrect. You have no natural right to property. If someone bigger than you can take it then it is theirs. If a law is written to declare otherwise it can similarly be written to confiscate any and all wealth as it sees fit and redistribute it within the system. This is not theft as the very laws that define theft also define property.


08.05.2018 21:44:59 Gardazragore:

Yes, NT relayed to me what was said to Angie. That might have been a marginally acceptable comment coming from one of her friends, but not from a complete stranger. She was right to delete it.


13.05.2018 2:03:47 Akill:

Lol my old boss gets on my nerves:


19.05.2018 23:39:43 Balmaran:

Not all animals and plants fossilize. Carrier Pigeons don't and so we have no trace of them in the fossil record. Even so we have more than enough fossils to work with. There's no such thing as a missing link. The change from predecessor species to more modern ones is so gradual it is almost imperceptible. This no transitional fossils nonsense is one of the most tiresome and dishonest creationist arguments against evolution. We studied the evolution of the modern horse in college. This is a good way to look at gradual evolution of a species because the fossil record of horses is exceptionally well represented with thousands of finds. We have the ancestor of the modern horse and a transitional species that has characteristics of both the horse's ancestor and modern horses, fossils in the geological column right where they should be. These fossils in the video show changes not between species which is what we studied in school but larger groups in the classification system. But it's really all the same. I certainly know more about this than some Bible thumper who gets their misinformation from other lying and quote-mining creationists at the (Non)Discovery Institute and Creation Ministries. Put down the comic book pick up a science book and join the rest of us in the real world your cult leaders brainwashed you into hating.


28.05.2018 20:43:58 Taugami:

Something something conservatives represent order, liberals represent chaos, Jungian archetypes!


06.06.2018 15:29:06 Malara:

1. Sexual orientation (whatever the variety) does not define how "normal" a person is or isn't. youre making what you do with your crotch your identity. You shouldn't do that. If you want to be treated as a person and be respected as a person you should treat others ("cis" folks others) as people. Why we need to get into a conversation about sex at all is what I don't understand.


17.06.2018 3:06:50 Shagore:

It will change things. The only question is how much. You don't magically know more than they do yet, right?


21.06.2018 18:59:01 Junos:

shame your gal didnt win huh...


30.06.2018 12:15:11 Kazigul:

"How do you determine whether a belief is religious or not?" If it's really, really, really stupid it very well could be a religious belief.


05.07.2018 4:32:01 Mezshura:

He make NO interesting points because he is conflating unalike things.


09.07.2018 23:35:18 Vijind:

Let?s cast a wide net here. No exclusions for anyone here.


14.07.2018 20:23:04 Gogis:

Thank you so much, will look into this, my wife is beside herself and so am I, they are are babies. Will keep you posted. Thanks again.


16.07.2018 20:49:15 Shakarisar:

They are there, however you come off as all of the food banks, shelters etc... can only be church run, that is the problem.


21.07.2018 19:19:09 Malazilkree:

You need to show WHY or present an alternative that supports all of the other evidence.


26.07.2018 2:45:54 Kashicage:

There are a lot of congregations and individual parishes that practice shunning.


03.08.2018 21:24:07 Vulmaran:

A tip. Semantic obfuscation using words you clearly don't understand doesn't work on a blog. You can't disguise the absurdity of your primitive and childish god beliefs by using it.


12.08.2018 3:10:09 Fenrikazahn:

I'm totally into that whole "Intellectual Dark Web" thing that's going on. The exchange of ideas it's just... wow. Sometimes I have to listen to a discussion two or three times to "get" everything that's being said.


21.08.2018 16:54:06 Tukazahn:

Oh right I see.


27.08.2018 13:48:39 Tazuru:

ohh so you're more in line with Antifa then, right? So it's ok for you to be against police tactics but not anyone else? Hypocrite.


02.09.2018 15:42:47 Shataxe:

Yep, but its such an effective election year tactic, they always pass a new round during election years.


07.09.2018 12:45:30 Kazraktilar:

Once in a while I miss FB.


08.09.2018 21:58:33 Tobei:

Well that can be looked at. If you have the time and energy.


14.09.2018 1:49:00 Tojarisar:

Something that I'm pretty sure started out as mix of "proof of completion" and on set birth control.


22.09.2018 11:05:37 Tojagal:

?????? that's so true


23.09.2018 17:54:56 Fenrijas:

LOL @ "amazingly I haven't killed anyone yet" ??I actually find the debate about it rather funny, in it's own sense. It's us "outdoors" kids who can actually pick off all the "inside" kids playing video games at 200 yards?? I think people have been using that as a way to try and make sense of this all, in a way that suits them. There was violence pre-smart device. I'm against screen time only because of access adults have to children nowadays, and because of the self-esteem factor. What concerns me, and I never hear anyone address is how the children obtained the firearms in the first place. I cannot conceive a household where kids have unfettered access to the parents guns. But when bad things happen, it's because society???


26.09.2018 7:50:59 Meztirisar:

If you want to make all kinds of assertions, why don't you post the links?


30.09.2018 8:49:12 Vudoll:

I feel like the bodies were better because everyone was outside playing. All the health stuff doesn?t take the place of fun activity


05.10.2018 10:17:21 Vusida:

Maybe the attacker had a fake online persona that was the girls age and in the same state. Putting a microscope on your child's interactions isn't healthy either. Some things happen in this world that cannot be reasonably avoided. We'll never know because we don't have enough information and even if we did it would be subjective. Not enough information and shit happens. We are all glad for the outcome.


06.10.2018 20:24:51 Miran:

Again...I stated clearly that simplicity AND efficiency are hallmarks of ID. You are minimising the efficiency part.


08.10.2018 14:32:41 Brajind:

Do you have reason to disagree with the good Reverend and all of the other scientists he references?

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