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RealityHardcoreThreesomeCreampiePornstarBehind The ScenesExclusiveMusicMILFMasturbation60FPSWebcamPublicCollegeAdult galleryPussy LickingOrgyInterracialCumshotSquirtHD PornBabeBig AssToysBig DickLatinaFrenchBlowjobQuality pornTeenCompilationRed HeadUniformsBondageStep FantasyFetish
Moral dilemmas of teens

Moral dilemmas of teens

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Sure. I mostly got it from reading, researching, and studying though. MANY other things before Christianity was even a serious consideration. But if it's that important to you, yes, I didn't make it up out of thin air.

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35 comment    

17.04.2018 21:56:09 Kajiran:

These accusations would hold more water if you even attempted to prove anything you said. the slightest questioning and you start screaming 'YOU'RE A DICK!' doesn't provide one with confidence in your conclusions.


21.04.2018 18:30:26 Negul:

SO why didn't he mention that IN THE BEGINNING?


22.04.2018 4:47:03 Toshura:

FIFA will do what it always does - see how much money its board members can make, and decide accordingly.


30.04.2018 2:38:02 Shakak:

Singling out one company with extra taxes, because they do something not to the liking of the POTUS. So much for goverment interference with business being a democrat/ socialistic thing.


06.05.2018 17:44:42 Mugar:

"The D" is a euphemism for penis. ;)


16.05.2018 0:09:10 Kehn:

Meat is very nutritious (protein, fat, vitamin A) and wasteful to produce in a limited-energy enviroment. And there's a source for it right there.... not like Grandma needs all those muscles any more... rest her soul.


21.05.2018 14:54:50 Tutaur:

yes that would be correct.


26.05.2018 9:07:51 Nikojin:

Totally agree. Thank you for your thoughts. ???????


03.06.2018 16:44:19 Guktilar:

I agree! I rather meet someone in person at first, not online chat


10.06.2018 9:04:42 Malanos:

This religious crap reminds me of a song by the Bee Gees around 1968. It was called I started a Joke.


14.06.2018 2:56:51 Dizahn:

Well you did mention with recent scenarios, that could be that some were being prevented so ya you'd be saying that.


23.06.2018 1:58:00 Yojin:

Height would have conferred a great advantage in hand to hand military clashes before guns were invented, that enabled the Germanic tribes to decimate the Roman Legions, when they tried to cross the Rhine. The Germans were a good head taller at an average of over 6ft.


03.07.2018 4:37:10 Manos:

You seem to be ignorant of religion.


13.07.2018 5:21:09 Kebei:

Appeal to Mods: how is this related to religion? This is a science and health discussion.


17.07.2018 7:38:49 Faezahn:

Like Jesus said what goes into a mans mouth is not what makes him unclean, it?s what comes out....


21.07.2018 18:22:59 Zolokus:

we are already in a position of not having benefited from the government of the last 15 years so we have nothing to lose by electing a party that will acknowledge us rather than our wallets. If that bothers you and your ilk then I guess we are heading in the right direction.


31.07.2018 17:13:41 Tolabar:

Attack comments and views please, Thorvington. Do not directly attack the posters themselves. That is where we draw the line on this channel


01.08.2018 13:02:03 Nahn:

"Homosexuality" is not a choice.


07.08.2018 4:15:29 Migore:

If someone likes their tea served up the same way I do, I feel a strange sense of bonding with them. We are connected at a deep level.


08.08.2018 1:31:16 Nasho:

My Golden Rule is simple. Walk that fine line of the seven deadly sins without falling on the wrong side to much.


11.08.2018 1:00:53 Kajigal:

For now. Wait until the one world government kicks in. You're gonna love it.


14.08.2018 5:09:40 Vor:

Wtf are you talking about?


23.08.2018 14:30:46 Kigalkree:

PL. I have heard that most pets as well as entire the extended families all go to Heaven for a big family reunion more time than I can remember.


29.08.2018 9:43:59 Mikajin:

I am a Christian. I am at least bi (I live with another man), how do you reconcile your faith with who you are (I was raised Pentacostal so oh boy), this is an honest question, it's tearing me apart


04.09.2018 14:27:10 Vogar:

"Sacrifice" means "to make holy" or to "sanctify".


11.09.2018 4:15:55 Kagore:

Uh, more guns? No thanks. I became a Christian only after a long period of following my own high moral ground after leaving atheism in High School. I studied Bio Anthro, worked for a Ralph Nader legacy, learned about Greenpeace, went to work in Africa, worked in NYC in Social Services with substance abusers, and later in financial services on Wall St.


16.09.2018 11:46:43 Tarisar:

With my love of Psychology, I just laid it out once, that anti-theists aren?t interested in being convinced. Your target shooting is fun to watch though...


22.09.2018 2:33:35 Fenrikasa:

?????? total idiots.


24.09.2018 3:42:06 Tojacage:

You rejected the God evidence, as quiet and seemingly insig as it is at the start. You did this only by accepting alternative evidence. Its all circumstantial. It grows.


04.10.2018 16:30:26 Shakat:

Must be dumb if he wants to loose someone like you


08.10.2018 10:00:56 Faerr:

Exactly ?as long as there have been politics ?


17.10.2018 2:44:00 Yokora:

Sounds like what a bigot racist loser libhadi would say. With the right schooling they can help you with that mental handicap you have...


22.10.2018 0:50:58 Fausho:

NO -- that was not the decision made yesterday. See my earlier comment to you above.


24.10.2018 14:35:04 Akinokus:

I am a black in America. I can't do anything about what goes on in Africa. What did you do about the massacre in Rwanda? Or do you even care? Are you a white supremacist trying to divert attention away from what goes on in your own country? You don't need to point out the problems of blacks in Africa, unless you are willing to mention the colonization of those countries. You know what happens under colonization, don't you? The colonizers are there to exploit the country's resources for the benefit of their country. When they are done pillaging they leave the place in shambles. What you are referring to is the result. But you like to make an issue of black people failing. Isn't that right?


31.10.2018 19:04:36 Tygogal:

Stand By Me sung by a black American choir. I love that Meghan is incorporating her culture into the wedding.

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Moral dilemmas of teens
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