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RealityHardcoreThreesomeCreampiePornstarBehind The ScenesExclusiveMusicMILFMasturbation60FPSWebcamPublicCollegeAdult galleryPussy LickingOrgyInterracialCumshotSquirtHD PornBabeBig AssToysBig DickLatinaFrenchBlowjobQuality pornTeenCompilationRed HeadUniformsBondageStep FantasyFetish

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I think what you say is completely logical but we cannot prove it

Danica Collins Oily Handjob Boobjob

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Danica Collins Oily Handjob Boobjob

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29 comment    

18.04.2018 18:09:47 Brasar:

Lemmy check.......yup, I'm a boy.


22.04.2018 12:37:58 Voodoozil:

Oh come on. The gun fell out of his pocket and he no idea? When pigs fly.


25.04.2018 12:03:27 Nizshura:

I didnt' see a question.


03.05.2018 10:24:18 Zoloramar:

I'm sorry for your loss :(


13.05.2018 18:58:48 Gutaxe:

The founders held different views on different issues. Compare Franklin, Jefferson and Washingtons views of God and governments.


21.05.2018 11:49:28 Tojajar:

And thus unnecessary.


29.05.2018 21:54:04 Zulkisho:

You can prove objectively that God does not exist?


04.06.2018 23:37:25 Zulkilkree:

I said "and every other deity" That covers them all.


13.06.2018 14:39:12 Dashicage:

I hate when my dream self is in his underwear or is naked and nobody seems to notice.


19.06.2018 10:23:31 Zuluk:

When it's not behind closed doors. Lol Even then, he'll think I left the house like that. Smh


20.06.2018 21:41:54 Zurisar:

New Views blocks everyone doesn't do or say exactly what they want.


27.06.2018 22:52:59 Milkis:

Google 'anti mask laws'.


02.07.2018 14:57:47 Durisar:

There was an abortion topic recently that went pretty well, and not just in the "It was a success because nobody burnt down the internet" way, but an actual exchange of ideas. It's nice to have controversial topics brought up in a way where both/all sides can chime up... and, so long as it's not commented on in a passive-aggressivey manner, ideas can be bandied about!-agreed


05.07.2018 20:57:12 Nakora:

I like Democrats better than Republicans but this Wasserman chick is too wacky and crazy. I say forget about investigating her and focus on Trump! Yea!!!!!! :)


15.07.2018 4:09:57 Tujin:

Nope: best dodge I can offer you "I've evaluated my local candidates, and decided that--my reservations about current party leadership notwithstanding--the Conservative candidate is the best one for my riding."


22.07.2018 10:20:25 Vudogore:

Correction: He won both the EC and the popular vote, happy now?


23.07.2018 18:40:39 Voodootaur:

If Jesus existed or was based on similar long-haired radical socialist Reform Rabbim "his" aim was to form a Gnostic collective of equals possibly because of his Apocalypticism. Early Christians formed groups that met in homes and explored personal connections to what they thought of as god. That could have been a start to create a kinder gentler western world. But once the Romans took over the movement it warped into a hierarchy of powerful priests wedged between the followers and their beliefs. What started as a way to save the world turned into a method to rule it. IMVHO


27.07.2018 2:52:37 Tagor:

Do you feel the same about main stream Orthodox Rabbis that still perform male suction circumcision all while exposing these children to herpes and other std's? FGM is another disgraceful and cruel action taken only in the name of religion that needs to end today.


31.07.2018 7:21:15 Maushakar:

Psh. Have a great time?!


09.08.2018 0:37:43 Nikorr:

Good morning Alan!! Hope you have a great day!


12.08.2018 23:12:19 JoJor:

daaaawwwwwww! Da Bear!


16.08.2018 12:32:52 Doujind:

lol - I love that they're basically making them look like terrible people here :)


24.08.2018 11:58:18 Meztishicage:

Did she melt?


03.09.2018 3:12:11 Gasar:

The list of possibilities is a lot shorter now :)


07.09.2018 20:00:28 Nitaur:

Oh yeah, I'm sure it's happened, but not enough to be an issue. And definitely not enough to validate legislation. I know a lot of Muslims (American), and they're pretty much used to seeing people eat, and wouldn't want you to feel uncomfortable about eating in front of them.


10.09.2018 21:23:37 Nikogis:

Ive heard this guy. Ive yet to see any liberal than can out wit him on any topic. Its one of the reasons he?s so hated by the left. Not only that, but as a gay guy he doesnt tow the gay mafia line!


18.09.2018 7:53:52 Kigalar:

He could be hanging with Elvis.


26.09.2018 14:33:37 Kekora:

That statement is a non starter, I was referring to your view of Christianity or any religion that believes in a higher being. If I say God created the heavens and the earth in 6 days, you are going to say that it isn't true (a lie).


28.09.2018 10:57:08 Faur:

Therein lay the problem and we will see another round of deleted or missing hard drives. Hard too believe I know. lol

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