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RealityHardcoreThreesomeCreampiePornstarBehind The ScenesExclusiveMusicMILFMasturbation60FPSWebcamPublicCollegeAdult galleryPussy LickingOrgyInterracialCumshotSquirtHD PornBabeBig AssToysBig DickLatinaFrenchBlowjobQuality pornTeenCompilationRed HeadUniformsBondageStep FantasyFetish
Nude hiroin ki photos

Nude hiroin ki photos

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He is a lying homophobe

Blow Me Babes - Scene 5

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Blow Me Babes - Scene 5

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35 comment    

30.04.2018 8:11:57 Vokasa:

TopCat is an excellent poster, and is redeeming the thread for our board!


06.05.2018 3:47:04 Voodoohn:

I can't seem to even make myself hear Yanny.


15.05.2018 10:30:54 Tygokree:

So discrimination by proxy. Is that addressed in the CHRA?


24.05.2018 11:45:58 Gardajar:

ok, I thought the question was in the Op-Ed. I've never posted one here and didn't know let me get on that. Thanks.


27.05.2018 17:26:58 Taugis:

2nd comment and you're gonna act like you're Hugh Jackman in a frat party?


28.05.2018 13:31:44 Malagul:

Majority Christian countries that are *secular* are for the most part more tolerant. This is the key difference. Before Christian countries were primarily secular they were not tolerant at all. So the credit doesn't go to Christianity (or any religion, for that matter) but to secularism.


31.05.2018 12:48:48 Mikarr:

What do you have against Canadians?


01.06.2018 23:09:06 Bragul:

Thank you for attempting to explain why you are anti-abortion. I appreciate it.


07.06.2018 1:31:36 Kall:

You could always recycle them...


16.06.2018 22:27:27 Doukazahn:

Here you go. He was talking about himself as a king but the poor people didn't know at that time he would slaughter them by the sword. Pure terrorism.


18.06.2018 6:49:55 Zolojas:

Oooh. what's it called?


21.06.2018 3:03:38 Mirr:

Mine will be 46 Sunday


28.06.2018 21:18:10 Kigore:

That's true, and why I didn't block her. I find her amusing actually.


07.07.2018 19:59:39 Dailar:

I blame liberals for coming up with the absurd "hate crime" and obama for perpetuating it.


11.07.2018 22:48:01 Voshura:

You forgot narcissist!!!!!


18.07.2018 0:11:51 Talrajas:

The thunder from down under!


19.07.2018 4:58:35 Mera:

When we lost Chris Elliot i lost interest ---now its just hoping the NDP don't get elected ----But the big backing by the ruling Labor Unions scares me really ---been there i remember Boob Ray and Ray Days


22.07.2018 2:51:45 Arashizuru:

Religion is simply opinion.


28.07.2018 16:27:27 Aralar:

Alright, alright, I won't call you sweetheart. Not sure what the huge deal is though. You should go down to Arkansas, you'll be flabbergasted by all the people who'll call you "sugar". Lol.


29.07.2018 22:53:36 Kazralkree:

A few individuals might but I'd hardly think most would. By its nature, science would tend to fix it anyways so it doesn't really matter what individuals think or try. I think it's mostly religious that try derailing sciences and they aren't very adept at it.


08.08.2018 12:44:18 Gardakinos:

I told you it was my way of answering your question. That debunked your position, but all you could find to reply is.... focusing on the one example I gave you.....


17.08.2018 15:37:43 JoJosida:

Because they have value. When you hire a photographer to take your picture you do not own the picture the photographer does. The "reprint rights" is a license agreement that says you can use those pictures for your own personal use. Without it, you must pay the photographer directly for each print. Most often they send it off to a print shop and charge you a huge markup. Which is what it looks like is happening here.


19.08.2018 2:12:13 Shasida:

The real argument here is, WHY wouldn't worshiping the right god lead to being rich and prosperous on Earth? If there were gods who could influence this planet in such a way, you could be certain the ones who delivered on such items would get the worship. What is clear, then, is that there are not gods capable of doing so. (And even the Bible admits there are other gods.)


24.08.2018 12:45:49 Mokinos:

They're becoming a laughing stock. Me, I couldn't care less. They don't serve Diet Coke.


30.08.2018 23:55:39 Kadal:

You know for next time :)


07.09.2018 8:31:09 Moogukora:

Learn a trade. We need people...


07.09.2018 20:13:45 Arashizahn:

I have no idea what you're talking about. Why would you not give examples of what you're talking about?


18.09.2018 9:02:41 Kazizahn:

my future self came back in time, speared my testicles with a spork, and said "Trust me, this is for our own good" before he faded into nothingness.


25.09.2018 8:13:44 Tojora:

Well no he does not, because you can't know anything when you are dead.


04.10.2018 20:08:28 Mezilkree:

But they bore me... I want scandal!


06.10.2018 23:12:14 Faejind:

Yes but if you had faith the gun (or knife) was no danger, fear would be gone.


14.10.2018 3:49:36 Mikagore:

Weak, even for you Kvetch. You got pantsed and you won't admit it.


21.10.2018 22:27:19 Faelkis:

Not harsh just direct


22.10.2018 21:41:17 Kigalkree:

Well put. One thing though - we didn't spread too far underwater (at least, not yet).


30.10.2018 19:22:28 Kezuru:

That seems like a strawman you came up with. You are the only person I have ever heard argue from that position.

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