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RealityHardcoreThreesomeCreampiePornstarBehind The ScenesExclusiveMusicMILFMasturbation60FPSWebcamPublicCollegeAdult galleryPussy LickingOrgyInterracialCumshotSquirtHD PornBabeBig AssToysBig DickLatinaFrenchBlowjobQuality pornTeenCompilationRed HeadUniformsBondageStep FantasyFetish
First orgasm of his life

First orgasm of his life

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At the end of the day he gets things done....He has a style all his own and he doesn't follow the rules but he gets results....In three months he brought the world to the edge of their seats, at great personal risk, to correct a sad situation that has festered for the last 50 years. Now we can move forward to a new way of treating and accepting immigrants and asylum seekers and their kids.

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28 comment    

04.05.2018 8:27:10 Vizil:

Oh I'm sorry, is this a post about Margaret Thatcher?


13.05.2018 5:52:33 Bazahn:

I work for an LGBTQ company. One of the people I work with is a gay black drag queen Christian minister. Each denomination is different. Technically, Judaism and Islam are harder on homosexuality than Christianity. Their laws call for the death penalty for gays. It's why Saudi Arabia and Iran say they have no gays. And yet, there are still gay Muslims, Jews, etc. Everyone's beliefs are different.


16.05.2018 4:34:28 Nera:

Absolutely wrong babe. But let me ask you a question Uncle Screwtape. Do you agree with Richard Dawkins that cannibalism is...a yummy idea? ;)


24.05.2018 5:09:26 Tygozilkree:

There were no apostles named Mark or Luke. (Such goyishe names! What Jewish mother would name her child "Luke"?)


01.06.2018 3:06:57 Shakaramar:

Haha! Oh, I know you have (what they call) a short fuse when it comes to religion. Believe me, I completely understand.


06.06.2018 1:57:54 Durn:

Faith...and...reason is required. However, if faith is there, then reason is there with it. Faith-filled reason. The contrary could be said for non-faith (non-belief in the existence of God), which is often likely to take reason to the limits of what you describe as emotional content, only - not that it can't be beneficial, still. If I do not look beyond the borders of my own existence then am I truly reasoning? Can I even reason without faith and therefore doesn't life only seem to cater for reflecting my own likes and dislikes, rather than challenging me, to look beyond my own ideas, or rather, an over-burdening sense of needing to be powerful in some self-catering way, until such time that I begin to go beyond my own self-image. Undeveloped minds, in terms of lesser mental capability, do not detract from a present simplicity, which still has a voice.


13.06.2018 7:32:16 Vigal:

While it sounds like your wife might be unreasonable in asking you to put your job at risk and not finding a way to get the work done herself while she is home all day without a job, I hear a LOT of excuses in your post.


14.06.2018 19:47:45 Zolorr:

I must admit it is a reproduction of the somewhat eroded original, both in the British Museum.


19.06.2018 13:06:48 Tak:

But the Bible never goes into detail what sex is.


27.06.2018 12:32:34 Dujin:

Fun is not what one considers when bringing balance to the universe, but this sure does put a smile on my face.


04.07.2018 20:57:46 Mulrajas:

Answer the simple ideological LIAR question that I'm asking you, OK moron ?????


13.07.2018 22:14:44 Meran:

Its not the EU who is blocking the site you idiot.


23.07.2018 15:59:07 Zulkinos:

"Dolling out pork is how Dems get elected"


27.07.2018 6:02:05 Ker:

I think there is independent evidence for a God. But setting that aside (for this discussion), let me put it this way. If someone shuffles a deck of cards many times and you chose one card, Its an ace of hearts. This is repeated, and it's again an ace of hearts. This is repeated, and it's again an ace of hearts. At some point, you would be convinced that the process was not random at all - even though a "random explanation" would always be a possibility. Fine-tuning makes the same argument. There are a number of variables that have to be so close to what they are for there to be any life at all that the odds of this occurring are unimaginably small. I think the best naturalistic explanation is a (perhaps nearly) infinite multiverse. This is the explanation that many scientists adhere to. This would allow such a remarkably universe like ours to have existed by chance. However, I think this "best naturalistic explanation" falls short, and that our universe does not seem to be something that happened by chance.


03.08.2018 11:14:26 Mikakazahn:

Of course a person abusing children overrules their benevolent actions towards others. If you believe that the abuse is negated by kindness to others, then you are part of the problem.


09.08.2018 15:59:46 Doutaxe:

I don't have a bum! :(


14.08.2018 22:29:57 Zologar:

The new Off Topic discussion is now open for the day:


22.08.2018 15:28:22 Dubei:

Or Big Guys. Or hometown village's local Big Guy, or.... I'm sure you catch my drift.


28.08.2018 0:00:33 Tygonris:

Lol @ her being surprised. That makes more sense. I'm like how are you scared every time lol.


07.09.2018 0:07:54 Nabar:

No need to feel sorry for being an idiot. You have a right to be one!


16.09.2018 12:46:04 Dik:

Do you have a bed? The button won't be in there because I doubt that room ever sees action :)


26.09.2018 2:23:49 Akigore:

Well good. Progress!


30.09.2018 22:57:25 Maudal:

Nah - that's just an average day!


06.10.2018 16:20:18 Miran:

Patrick Stewart could totally rock a kilt


13.10.2018 15:43:16 Durg:

Out to the beach yesterday at low tide, dance recital Saturday .. And replacing a trailing arm bushing. I'm growing weary of this stuff .. When the kids are gone I'll buy newer cars.


22.10.2018 12:51:02 Doukasa:

Once you see behind the curtain of religion you can not un-see it. It involves guilt, shame, regret at both yourself and others even if it is at an unconscious level. I don't know anyone that likes admitting they took part in their own gullibility. The other issue is that in the US religion is ingrained in just about every part of life and government (if not directly then indirectly) which makes you start questioning all kinds of decision & causes you made or supported. Forgiveness starts when you forgive yourself first and move on.


24.10.2018 9:13:06 Arashicage:

I'm talking about North America and specifically the US. Can we focus on that first before going to the other side of the world where it's a completely different culture/rules of law. Plus, you are so happy you found ONE example, yet there are literally thousands of examples all over the world where guns are forbidden and gun deaths are through the roof. The fact is, in America, every city (no exception) that has strict gun-controls, has higher violence and gun violence than those cities that don't. Prove me wrong smart ass!


25.10.2018 4:32:28 Zolocage:

Why do you believe The Bible over say, the Qu'aran?

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