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RealityHardcoreThreesomeCreampiePornstarBehind The ScenesExclusiveMusicMILFMasturbation60FPSWebcamPublicCollegeAdult galleryPussy LickingOrgyInterracialCumshotSquirtHD PornBabeBig AssToysBig DickLatinaFrenchBlowjobQuality pornTeenCompilationRed HeadUniformsBondageStep FantasyFetish
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Dd boob or bigger

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A part of me thinks that's at least part of the problem: that parents shelter their kids too much.

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02.04.2018 13:47:00 Zulukus:

It's handy if you believe in ghosts. I guess Voodoo still has it, don't know about Christian denominations. With so many people believing in ghosts, I suspect some may be sympathetic to the concept.


07.04.2018 1:28:53 Kazizahn:

BizarroTrump 'been huffin da glue', again.


10.04.2018 19:50:54 Taugar:

No thanks, you are stating you can be oppressed for having to use a word while this minority is never oppressed in the same country.


15.04.2018 21:55:53 Kazil:

She should take him to the neighbors and introduce him to the neighbor. Like: "Hello, this is my husband Mike (or whatever his name actually is) and I'd like to introduce him to you, because he is a fervent admirer of your georgeous body. He can't leave his eyes from you, so I thought you both should get acquainted to another"... ??


21.04.2018 19:31:38 Samunris:

So you disagree with the Abrahamic god regarding the value of babies...


24.04.2018 22:06:37 Arahn:

Historians don't write history by saying, "Oh, this source is tainted, so I'm going to ignore and dismiss it." Instead, we ask, "What can I learn about the past by studying this artifact that comes from it?" The Bible is a historical artifact like any other. Just because it isn't what believers claim it is doesn't mean there's nothing to learn about the past from it, or that it somehow constitutes inadmissible evidence in a historical debate.


03.05.2018 10:54:43 Akisho:

You're a con man, baby.


04.05.2018 22:39:59 Fesho:

Are you being serious? Because if you are I do NOT appreciate it and will make a big stinking poop deal over it.


07.05.2018 4:09:43 Vuk:

My recollection of the human population neck down studies is that humans experienced two different population neck downs to ~1-2 dozen members over the last 300,000 years.


10.05.2018 15:21:14 Tumi:

The ruling lets gays and atheists turn away Christians, so not bigoted at all.


13.05.2018 2:09:34 Samukasa:

Is it within the realm of possibility?


20.05.2018 10:29:22 Yokinos:

It is my contention that the Dorians actually came from Dor in Palestine, a city on the coast of the land of Manasseh, and where many ancient ?Greek? artifacts have been found by archaeologists, for which see Biblical Archaeology Review, July-August 2001, p. 17, and November-December, 2002, ?Gorgon Excavated At Dor?, p. 50. These artifacts show a ?Greek? presence at Dor as early as the seventh century B.C., and are certainly much earlier than the Hellenistic period. The seventh century B.C. is the time of the last recorded Assyrian activity in Israel (see Ezra 4:2, Esar-Haddon reigned from 681 B.C.), and the last deportations of Israelites which happened about 676 B.C. (see The Assyrian Invasions And Deportations of Israel by J. Llewellyn Thomas). For evidence that Israelite priests were indeed present at Dor see Biblical Archaeology Review, May-June 2001, p. 21 and the article there. If the Dorians migrated from Palestine, rather than from the north, Crete is a logical place to begin settling, enroute to the west. Further evidence that the Dorians were Israelites is found in Josephus, in his record of a letter written by a Spartan (or Lacedaemonian, and they were also Dorian Greeks) king to Jerusalem about 160 B.C., which is found in Antiquities 12.4.10 (12:226-227):


28.05.2018 23:10:33 Malataxe:

Many came for religious freedom, but you conveniently left that out. (Probably deliberately.)


05.06.2018 13:32:27 Tujinn:

Was more of a Fatal Attraction / stalker kind of thing. Made me leary of casual hook-ups.


09.06.2018 21:16:11 Kigakasa:

When people are calling Kanye West a bloody racist, you know the political correctness has gone too far.


11.06.2018 19:17:11 Goltik:

You are saying that a 30gram foetus that


15.06.2018 19:49:43 Zolorr:

I like to spread a little mirth, from time to time!


24.06.2018 20:12:02 Tygorr:

Well, I am a Trump supporter.


02.07.2018 10:00:58 Maura:

Right. He only pardons corrupt politicians.


04.07.2018 20:01:16 Meshura:

I am the exact opposite, since I like at least a little privacy. Privacy and security are rather inconvenient, which is great for those who are working overtime to eliminate it.


12.07.2018 17:04:01 Tuzshura:

No, it's not. Simply because from Chinese perspective (well, any other country's too, but since we have started to talk about China, let's stick to it) - it is, essentially, a tariff applied on all Chinese commodities. Their response would be exactly the same as what we see in the news.


15.07.2018 6:59:53 Moogular:

So why do the fundamentalists get so lathered up about folks being born gay? Yet you let adulterers, divorced folks, fornicators, etc., get off Scott free? I don't see you passing laws preventing divorced folks from getting married. I certainly don't see you folks demanding Red Lobster shut down. Where is your umbrage the McDonald's puts cheese AND bacon on their hambugers?


22.07.2018 0:53:36 Tazuru:

Except the people most offended by the gesture seem to completely ignore what the people making the gesture repeatedly say it?s supposed to signify to give it a different meaning so they don?t have to address the issue that the players are actually trying to call attention to.


29.07.2018 15:11:10 Shakagul:

No 2 sites out of 8 were. I can use sources to reinforce my point just as you would do the same. Its plainly obvious you cannot refute my point that's ok. It's hard to refute evidence.


08.08.2018 19:39:48 Vim:

Honestly ? I think we were doing pretty good around the time Obama was laying waste to HRC's first go at Emp Queen. Then the media started laying their racism smart bombs all over the country. Been downhill ever since.


12.08.2018 0:14:29 Kezragore:

Or they can work for a pro-life pharmacy.


20.08.2018 20:32:39 Brataur:

I'm here because I'm looking for challenging questions to wrestle with to make my faith stronger. Simply hearing an opposition point hundreds of times isn't enough to change my mind, I have to agree with it.


27.08.2018 9:56:25 Samugar:

Look at her, sitting there eating her popcorn. Little deer biatch. Bet she had an abortion or two.


31.08.2018 17:30:03 Kazragor:

He was pure out bigot. He broke the state law because he thought his religion gave him a pass to be a bigot. It does not, and they did not rule on that , at all. Nothing that council said was in fact, wrong or historically incorrect.


11.09.2018 5:24:19 Nezragore:

There are none because the phrase is meaningless. There are however many intermediary species, and fossils.

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